Bathroom renovation tasks can feel like a huge challenge. It is vital to make the space appear practical besides keeping the aesthetic factor in mind. Bathroom spaces should be well maintained and organized. You can ask for help from professionals to install high-quality sanitaryware in India that does not compromise on either style or functionality.  

Planning Process 


Planning is the key to successful bathroom renovation projects. You should sit in a detailed discussion with the experts. This way, you can exchange ideas and concepts for a better outcome. Choosing the right bathroom accessories is also crucial. Only the experts can guide you regarding the matter, therefore saving your time and effort.  


The trick is to select upgrades that match your lifestyle, routine, and preference. One should emphasize getting more storage space since it will impact your bathroom need.  


Types of Bathroom Accessories  


1. Wash Basin  


The washbasins are bowl-shaped fixtures installed in the bathroom. They are made of different materials like stainless steel, ceramic, concrete, plastic, stone, copper, or glass. Installing tabletop basins free up space and make the bathrooms appear bigger. You can add additional storage under the sinks to keep shampoo, soaps, and other toiletries.  


You can choose from various kinds of bathroom sinks available in the market. 


  • Full Pedestal Basins  
  • Semi Pedestal Basins 
  • Washstand Basins 
  • Wall Hung Basins 
  • Countertop Basins 
  • Corner Basins 
  • Vessel Sinks  
  • Semi Recessed Sinks  


The accessories which go with washbasins include the following – 

  • Faucet or tap 
  • Shelf 
  • Mirror 
  • Vanity Unit 
  • Soapdish 
  • Electric receptacle  
  • Towel rings or bar  


2. Toilets or Urinals  


Installing a sturdy and durable toilet is necessary to keep the bathroom space functional. The toilet disposes the human waste via flushed water and takes it down the drainpipe to another location. You can choose from the vast collection of urinals available in the market.   

  • Trough Urinal  
  • Wall Hung Urinals  
  • Bucket Urinal 
  • Bowl Urinals 
  • Squatting Urinal 
  • Waterless Urinal 


3. Shower


The shower cubicle is the booth for washing as the water sprays down your body. This makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The common accessories required in a shower cubicle are as follows –  


  • Shower Controls  
  • Shower Head 
  • Shower Curtain Rod 
  • Shower Ventilator  
  • Towel Racks and Bars  
  • Soap and Sponge Holder  


4. Lightings  


You should install proper lighting in the bathroom to make it look functional. This is necessary in case the bathroom does not get enough natural light. Ample lighting enhances the beauty of the space and makes the room appear larger. Experts are against dark rooms, which can completely ruin the bathroom outlook.    


You can incorporate LED lights on the ceiling or walls or put up a backlit mirror. This will give the room a whole new look. 


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