One of the most hardworking zones of our bathrooms is the countertops. It incorporates the sink and is immensely used for storing toiletries. This makes this area subject to water and soap spills. You can find the right supplier for buying sanitaryware in India. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a suitable countertop for your bathroom.

Seven Best Materials For Bathroom Countertops

Granite :

This natural and durable stone can make your bathroom stand out from others with its unique appearance. It comes in different colors and patterns, so you get plenty of options to choose from. This material is also resistant to scratches and stains.

Marble :

This beautiful natural stone material has a soft texture and natural vein patterns. You can choose an unpolished form or even get it polished after the installation. It must be periodically sealed. It is a porous stone which makes it more susceptible to staining.


This is made with crushed quartz, coloring pigments and polymer raisins. It is durable, low maintenance and non-porous. Its uniform look is what makes it different from others. But, like natural stone, it’s not heat resistant and excessive exposure to sunlight can also cause fading.


Solid Surface :

This high-end countertop is made in a factory with quartz, crushed stones and acrylic resins. It is resistant to stains, mold or mildew growth. You will be spoilt for choices with the availability of different patterns, styles and colors. It can transform into a seamless countertop with an incorporated sink.

Tiles : 

Tiles are affordable and available in various colors and patterns to suit different requirements. You can use ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles for cladding the countertop. But many people don’t prefer this option because the grout lines trap dirt. It can also crack quite easily as compared to other alternatives.

Wood :

Wood can also make your bathroom stand out with its aesthetics. It blends easily and is rich and warm. Though it’s affordable, many people still don’t prefer it concerning its maintenance.

Concrete :

This trendy countertop material can easily blend with your bathroom decor. It is highly durable and scratch resistant. You can customize it into any shape, texture or color. This material must also be sealed periodically and subjected to hairline cracks.

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