Types Of Water Closets You Should Know: A Brief Guide

The term water closet is used to describe a toilet room that often has two doors. One door takes you to the dressing room for privacy, while the other one opens to the hallway where there are no windows. They are designed to be more comfortable and easier on your body as compared to a […]

Guidelines to Choose the Right Wash Basin For Your Home

Basins, bathroom vanities, or countertops are the main focal point of any bathroom. With plenty of options available in the market, like wall-hung basins, counter basins, wash basins with pedestals, and many others, it becomes confusing to choose the most appropriate one for your home. Here are some essential points to help you select the […]

How can you select top-notch sanitaryware in India?

A bathroom is a place of immense significance for everyone. It needs to be considered important and requires as much attention as your bedroom or living room. You must choose sanitaryware in India based on some key factors, such as aesthetics and comfort; however, it’s a bonus if you can work on the interior of […]

Top Things to Consider For Choosing a Designer Table Top Basin

Wash basins are one of the most functional additions to a bathroom. It is one of the standard installations that can ensure cleanliness and hygiene maintenance. To add more value to the bathroom, many homeowners choose to install designer basins. Why Designer Table Tops? The designer basins can make the bathroom look more aesthetic. Along […]

Top Tips to Make Sanitaryware Safer for Children at Home

In modern architecture, there has been an increased focus on building a separate rooms for children. The construction of the room is practically done to ensure a specified space for the kids. However, the room’s build needs to be specialised and modified, so the kids can easily use it. Safety Concerns in Children’s Bathrooms: Along […]

How to Choose The Best Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware is a trick for cleaning machines utilised in lavatories and washrooms. Thus, a clean product alludes to any item that interfaces with pipes and is fixed by a handyman. It incorporates latrine sinks, washbasins, reservoirs, urinals, and platforms. Types of sanitary wares Urinals Toilet seats Water closet Washbasin Bathtub Bidet Properties of a […]

Types of Urinals that are Convenient for Commercial Usage

For a clean and hygienic commercial space, it is important to have a dedicated space for the toilet. These are a necessary addition, found on all the floors of a property like a shopping complex or an office space. To design the toilets, the property owners cannot ignore the importance of quality sanitaryware. The Necessity […]

Trendy Fittings that Can Change the Overall Look of Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the ultimate place for grooming. We spend a considerable amount of time here before getting ready for the day. A well-decorated bathroom space can get you accolades from visitors. Importance of a Bathroom: The bathroom holds great importance in your residential space. The overall value of your home can depend on the […]

Top Bathroom Accessories that You Should Definitely Have

Decorating a bathroom with premium quality tiles and fittings is not enough. A bathroom without accessories looks dull and lifeless. Using top accessories can enhance the look of the bathroom and offer a better user experience. Need for Accessories: Placing bathroom accessories is neglected by most builders. It is not given much importance like the […]

Things to Consider When You Are Buying A Toilet Seat or Sanitaryware

When choosing sanitaryware fittings, you should never ignore the importance of comfort. The toilet is an essential space in the bathroom that is used daily. A perfectly fit toilet will provide you with a satisfying experience of usage. Toilet Seat Choosing Guide: When choosing a toilet, you should also give importance to choosing the toilet […]