While re-decorating the bathroom space, we often wonder about the kinds of sanitaryware to install. With a wide range of products available in the market, we get confused between bathroom terminologies and suitable bathroom fittings. You should make wise decisions regarding choosing bathtubs and toilet roll holders, mirror cabinets and more. It is advisable to always purchase products from reputable manufacturers of sanitaryware in India.   


Difference Between a Bathroom Fitting and Bathroom Fixture 


A bathroom fixture is a kind of permanent feature which you install inside the bathroom by wiring it in or plumbing it. These bathroom fixtures are not easily removable, and you need to hire renovation experts for this purpose. Examples are toilets and bathtubs.    


On the other hand, bathroom fittings include elements inside the bathroom, which is required alongside the permanent fixtures. You can remove, replace or repair these fittings, which also includes wall cabinets and mirrors. 


Types of Bathroom Fittings and Sanitaryware   


There are different varieties, styles and designs of bathroom fittings to choose from. These are necessary products to address your everyday requirements. You can also select a design considering the space available inside the bathroom. 


There are endless choices in the market when it comes to installing a new toilet fitting. The most common type is the closed coupled toilet. It is a single unit that stands on the floor with a cistern on the top of the bowl. If you are looking to save space, you can consider a back to the wall, closed coupled toilet where the back portion of the system falls closer to the wall. Wall hung toilets are also another option. It gives a contemporary look to the bathroom and is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.  


Wash-basin or sink 

The sink is a bowl-shaped fitting used to clean your hands and wash your mouth. You can select from the different materials like stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, stone, copper and glass. In addition to it, there are wash-basin fixtures like faucets, mirrors, soap dish, electric receptacle, shelf, vanity unit, towel ring or bar etc.  

You can opt for custom-designed bespoke bathroom sinks according to your requirement and space utilisation.  



A sink or even the bathroom is completely incomplete without taps. You should ensure to choose the perfect tap for your bathroom or washbasin. You must focus on its practicality and style too.   


If you choose a single-hole faucet (also like a mono mixer tap), it comes with a single handle that can effectively control the water temperature. You can change the water from hot to cold. It makes for a contemporary styled bathroom. A traditional option is a central tap set, with one tap for cold water and another for hot water. Wall-mounted faucets are suitable for elegant looking, ultra-modern bathrooms. 

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