There has been a rising interest in choosing modern urinals for the home bathroom. During a remodel, urinals offer multiple advantages over traditional toilets. They are easy to clean and inexpensive, depending on the type you select. Most importantly, you need not worry about putting the seat down all the time. 

You should consider these factors before purchasing urinals from the shop for sanitaryware in India. Read this guide to understand your options and make an informed decision. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Urinal Systems  

  1. Flush or Waterless  

Urinals are of two different types – waterless and flush. Each has its own set of benefits.   

Flush urinals come in varied shapes and sizes. You have to plumb it for smooth delivery of water. The flushing mechanism needs proper servicing and repairs. Hence the installment becomes costly for the owner. 

With waterless urinals, you cannot find an array of design options in the market. There is no requirement for plumbing which makes it less costly. You have to place a water cylinder at the bottom in this urinal type, which is also inexpensive.   

Both the sanitation systems are waterproof, durable and made with fibreglass, ceramics, china and even stainless steel.  

  1. Size 

The size of the urinal matters when you are selecting one for use at home. If it is for use by all male members, install a larger urinal. This helps improve accuracy for younger boys, and your cleaning needs reduce by a significant amount.  

  1. Water Consumption  

The overuse of water is a concern when it comes to installing urinals. Waterless urinals require no water. On the other hand, Flush urinals use water in between 0.25 gallons to 1 gallon per flush. Less water use helps you save on your water utility bills.   

This is why should cautiously consider this factor while purchasing sanitaryware in India. 

  1. Position 

If you install a wall hung urinal, be aware of the distance between the units and other obstacles like the partition or wall. Ensure to leave space between two urinals to maintain the privacy of the users. Factor this in, too, if you are adding partitions.  

  1. Aesthetics  

Urinals are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. You should choose one that fits with the overall bathroom outlook. If you want a sleek, modern design, it can go well with a contemporary bathroom. A floor-mounted urinal helps those who find it accessible to use.  

How the urinals look depending on the eyes of the beholder. So browse all options carefully before installing the right one.  

For more information regarding urinals, consult RMCIF Sanitaryware.  

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