Bathrooms are a crucial place when it comes to renovation. There are a lot of elements you have to think about. It is needed to make the bathroom space functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The choices of styles and designs are vast while choosing Sanitaryware for your bathroomHowever, it all depends on your preferences.  

Choosing Bathroom Sinks  

While you start looking for an elegant bathroom sink, you should take into consideration different factors. Not every category of the basin is suitable for all types of bathrooms. To make a real impression, it is important to make careful choices.   

You can start by keeping the following points in mind –  

  • The bathroom size
  • The location of other fixtures such as the shower and bathroom.
  • The location of the existing basin plumbing.
  • How you want your sink to look 
  • How you want to use the sink
  • Budget

There are different kinds of basins that you can install in different ways. If you do not have space issues, you can select from a wide range of designs and features. Nevertheless, irrespective of every factor, you will not have any problem finding the right kind of bathroom sink.   

Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Full pedestal

The plumbers attach them secretly to the wall. They are excellent for hiding the plumbing and pipework. It has a timeless appeal, and you cannot go wrong while installing one in the bathroom. It is suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms. 

Semi pedestal 

You have to hang them to the wall, and the pipework is concealed. However, it does not reach the floor entirely. It is convenient to keep the bathroom clean. Before selecting this variety, be sure whether your wall can support the entire weight of the basin. 


This basin sink looks luxurious and elegant. A large bowl sits on top of the cabinet, which is the countertop. Vessel or beach mounted basins are a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms. These are easy to install, come in various colours and outlooks and give character to your bathroom. 

Wall hung 

If the bathroom is small, wall hung basins are the best choice. You can attach them to any height, as per your preference. 

Corner basins 

Just like the semi pedestal basins, the corner basins are perfect for small bathrooms. This implies a practical utilisation of space. 


The bathroom sinks with the washstands come in different styles – minimally modern to classically traditional. Washstands also help minimise the clutter by rendering more space underneath the basin. Eventually, the floor looks more open and spacious.  

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