Wash basins are one of the most functional additions to a bathroom. It is one of the standard installations that can ensure cleanliness and hygiene maintenance. To add more value to the bathroom, many homeowners choose to install designer basins.

Why Designer Table Tops?

The designer basins can make the bathroom look more aesthetic. Along with aesthetic values, the basins add monetary value to the property. The design creates a unique appeal that can instantly elevate the ordinary looks of the bathroom. Designer tabletop basins are one of the common stylish installations you can commonly find in different bathrooms.

Key Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Table Top Basin:

To select a unique, creatively designed basin, you should consider some important factors. You can find these points discussed in detail below.

  • Buy a Basin that Matches Bathroom Size:

    To select a perfect basin for your bathroom, you first need to determine its size. You must ensure the basin fits your bathroom dimensions perfectly. If you have limited space, you should settle for a compact, small-sized tabletop basin. Don’t select a wall-mounted basin that takes up most of your bathroom space.

  • Proximity to the Toilet and Shower:

    This is an important requirement to consider if you want to keep the basin clean for a long time. To keep the aesthetics of the basin intact, you should pay attention to its placement. It should not interfere with the usage of other bathroom installations, like the toilet or the shower.

  • Choose the Design Wisely:

    If you want the basin to match the vibe and looks of your bathroom, do not ignore its design. The tabletop basins come in different designs, so you have to select the one that seems perfect for your bathroom. Keep an eye on the colour, design pattern and material of your chosen product.

  • Check the Material:

    No matter the theme of your bathroom; you should consider checking the material of the basin. The most common materials for designer tabletops are ceramics, stone, glass, resin and brass. The durability and finish of these materials vary from one another, as does the price. You should ensure to check the material before finalising the buy.

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