For a clean and hygienic commercial space, it is important to have a dedicated space for the toilet. These are a necessary addition, found on all the floors of a property like a shopping complex or an office space. To design the toilets, the property owners cannot ignore the importance of quality sanitaryware.

The Necessity of Urinals:

One of the common additions to a modern commercial bathroom is urinals. These are highly functional products with extra durability. The variants of the urinals are wide, so the property owners may get confused in choosing the sanitaryware in India that matches their requirements.

Perfect Choice of Urinals for Commercial Properties:

Here, one can get more details about the popular urinals for commercial usage. The features, design and other necessary information of these urinals are discussed below.

  • Ceramic Urinals:

    Ceramic urinals are the most popular variants in commercial properties. Cost-effectiveness is the primary reason why these are used by the property owners. These are generally fitted with a water-based flushing system, but the modern versions can be modified with waterless flushing. The shape of the urinal bowl can be customised according to one’s needs.

  • Corner Urinals:

    This urinal is for those who want to utilise a saved space perfectly. These are general flatback urinals that can be fitted to the corner of a wall. This type of urinal is not a common sight in commercial spaces. However, it is known for saving space and making the bathroom more functional.

  • Metal Urinals:

    If a property owner wants to give their commercial space a swanky look by modifying the bathroom space, they should choose these. These are much stronger than the ceramic urinals. So, these are practically vandalism proof. Stainless steel is the most popular metal used in manufacturing a metal urinal.

  • Waterless Urinals:

    These are a modern variant that can help save a large amount of water from flushing. Many commercial property owners are using these to deliver a message of their eco-friendly image. The main component of this urinal is an oil screen, which hides the odour produced by the urine. For proper maintenance, one just needs to wipe the urinal properly.

These are the types of urinals found in various commercial properties. To get it from a trusted source, one should contact Sanitaryware India. They are well known in this field and deal in different types of sanitaryware in India. The professionals of their team can cater to residential and commercial property owners’ needs. One can visit their website for more details.