The term water closet is used to describe a toilet room that often has two doors. One door takes you to the dressing room for privacy, while the other one opens to the hallway where there are no windows. They are designed to be more comfortable and easier on your body as compared to a standard toilet. They also don’t generate odors as they don’t use electricity or water for flushing. A good company can provide you with the best quality sanitaryware in India.

Different Types of Water Closets

  1. One Piece Water Closet: It is a toilet that covers the entire bowl and tank in one piece. It is generally more expensive than two-piece units. However, they are also taller. It can replace traditional three or four-hole toilets with just some little modifications for venting and drain connections on some models.
  2. Two-Piece Water Closet: This is one of the most common types of water closets. The toilet and tank are in different pieces with pipes connecting them. They are affordable and also shorter than the other alternatives. This also required minor modifications for venting and drain connections on some models.
  3. Floor Standing Water Closet: This type of water closet has a bowl and tank on the floor. These are most popularly used for commercial purposes as they allow more space for storage beneath than wall-mounted ones. They have larger tanks that do not require to be emptied or filled frequently. As the features may sound, they are more expensive.
  4. Wall-Mounted Water Closet: The tank and bowl are mounted on the wall in this type of water closet. These are ideal for small places or where there is a lack of space, like commercial premises. They have smaller tanks and are less expensive too.
  5. Closed Coupled Water Closet: They are a one-piece fixture meaning both the tank and bowl are all in a unit.
  6. Extended Wall Mounted Water Closet: It is much more than a water closet. This frees you up from the worry of emptying the bowl with every flush again, as its large capacity allows for up to twelve flushes without emptying.

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