A washbasin is a highly functional bathroom fixture found in different properties. It is useful in maintaining domestic hygiene. To retain its bright look and assure longevity, you should pay attention to keeping it clean.

Keep Your Basin Clean:

To clean the basins, you do not need any complex cleaning routine. To keep the sanitaryware look bright and shining, you can use regular cleaning materials. Accumulation of rust and different types of stains spoils the aesthetics of the basin and can cause diseases too.

Retain the Shine of Wash Basin with Easy Cleaning Steps:

To decorate your bathroom with top quality washbasin, consult a trusted source for sanitaryware in India. In this blog, you can find the best tips to follow to keep your washbasin absolutely clean.

  • Use Regular Cleaning Equipment:

    Cleaning your washbasin after regular usage is beneficial. You can wipe the basin’s surface with a wet cloth or sponge. This will prevent the accumulation of soap scum. If you want to clean general stains on your ceramic basin, you can use your regular detergent powder. Use a piece of cloth or a nylon brush to get rid of the stain completely.

  • Don’t Use Acid:

    Many use bleach or other acidic liquid to clean tough stains. Though it is an effective method, it can cause lasting damage. If you have a ceramic sink, it can gradually get corroded due to the acid’s abrasive property. Those living in areas with hard water may clean the basin with mild hydrochloric acid to prevent red stains. However, the acid shouldn’t stay more than 10 minutes on the basin surface.

  • Removing Nail Polish Stains:

    The basin is the ultimate destination for personal grooming. Sometimes, it can get affected due to the cosmetic element. Nail colours are a stain that can be challenging to remove. You can wipe the stain with a regular nail polish remover and a soft wet cloth. It effectively removes the stain without affecting the ceramic or metal surface. It is advisable not to use scrubbers made of metal wires as they can damage the ceramics.

These are some useful ways to maintain the good condition of a washbasin. If you want to get a new basin made from quality ceramics, visit Sanitaryware India. We are a reputed source to get premium sanitaryware in India. You can find a wide range of washbasins that make your bathroom look aesthetic. Contact us for more details.