Home aesthetics matter a lot to every person. If you plan to remodel the bathroom, you should buy functional but designer sinks that will contribute to the overall beauty of the space. The manufacturers categorise sink types based on their shape, size, mounting options etc. This is why it is advisable to buy from a reputable shop for sanitaryware in India for durable products.

Types of Sinks to Choose From


  1. Drop-in Bathroom sinks  

It is one of the most popular types because they are easy to install. The experts will drop the sink into the hole if you have an existing vanity. This makes the fitting easy and breezy.  

The sinks come with faucet holes, and the rim sticks up the countertop’s surface. This is how it acquires another name, which is self-rimming sinks. These come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which gives you plenty of options to select from. It is most suitable for contemporary, modern bathrooms, old-styled bathrooms etc.  

2. Vessel sinks

The vessel sinks are shaped like a bowl or vessel. They will sit on the solid countertop without moving. Compared to the under-mount sinks, this kind does not require special installation. Neither do you have to cut the shape of the basin to fit on the countertop.  


When you go to the market to buy vessel sinks, you can explore a wide array of shapes and designs. It is recommended to buy taller vessels so the water will splash less. You can adjust the faucet as per the height of the basin.

3. Pedestal Sinks

The name itself is self-explanatory. The experts will help you place the sink on a pedestal fitted to the floor. In essence, you can also call it the floor-mounted sink.      


Since the pedestal supports the sink, both the units look integrated with special hardware. The set-up is neat and clean and does not demand much installation work. The basin and the pedestal work as a single unit, concealing all the plumbing work.

4. Wall Mount Sinks

The experts will mount this sink directly on the wall. They take up minimum bathroom space; however, it fits perfectly if you have problems with square footage. The wall-mounted sink consists of a basin which you have to install directly to the wall. The plumbing will be below the sink.  


To know more about the various bathroom sink types, get in touch with the experts at Sanitaryware India. Visit the website to know more.